30 November 2007

Homeopathy and Galileo – delusions or observations?

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‘Galileo’s championing of Copernicanism was controversial within his lifetime. The geocentric view had been dominant since the time of Aristotle, and the controversy engendered by Galileo’s opposition to this view resulted in the Catholic Church’s prohibiting the advocacy of heliocentrism as potentially factual, because that theory had no decisive proof and was contrary to the literal meaning of Scripture’ His ideas were denounced and were judged to be ‘dangerous and close to heresy.’ Wikipedia

Galileo observed moons on Saturn, and the phases of Venus (as the moon has phases) and deduced that the sun was at the centre of what is called the solar system (heliocentrism) and that the sun and planets did not go round the earth (geocentrism).

The parallel with homeopathy is that Samual Hahnemann observed the effects of serially diluted medicines, these effects have been observed by generations of homeopaths after him but scientists refuse to look in the same way as homeopaths at the same time as homeopaths and observe the effects for themselves.  They insist that homeopathic medicines should be tested as if they are toxic substances (as many pharmaceuticals are) and in a linear way: one disease one medicine one effect whereas homeopaths treat one person’s many symptoms with one suitable remedy and observe many effects. 

‘Galileo was often willing to change his views in accordance with observation’: when will scientists start really looking?


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