1 December 2007

Patterns of health, progress of symptoms: Medicine causes Chronic Disease

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 Health and Nursing Issues Australia notes:

‘The toll of infectious diseases has fallen as a result of medical advances such as antibiotics and vaccines, and improved hygiene, nutrition and living and working conditions; chronic, non-communicable diseases have become more common.’

Is there a link in this innocuous sentence?  Has the use of conventional medicine such as antibiotics and vaccines caused chronic disease despite improved environmental conditions, or is it just another coincidence?  Is this an example of Occam’s razor (“All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best.” )?  Here is a USA leaflet warning of the adverse effects of vaccination including the increased incidence of chronic disease.

The homeopath Hering observed that although a medicine had removed symptoms (on the skin, at the extremities (fingers, toes, joints) or in the less necessary organs (tonsils), the consequences were new symptoms in more essential organs (lungs, liver, heart, nerves, brain).   Conventional medicine call these symptoms a new name, homeopaths just observe the new symptoms of distress.

Homeopaths assess the action of their prescriptions to ensure that the reverse occurs: symptoms in the interior organs improve first before the outermost symptoms.  All patients are asked to return to discuss the change in their symptoms to ensure that more serious symptoms have not developed.


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  1. […] According to Hering’s Law of Cure inappropriate medicine can suppress the vital system and weaken more internal and more vital organs.  People can live without breasts (men can be affected by breast cancer too); they can’t live without a heart.  I’ve commented on patterns and progress of disease before. […]

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