5 December 2007

Ineffective medications call the double blind placebo controlled clinical trial into question

Freetochoosehealth weblog : Conventional medicines ineffective for sinus infections

So our suspicions may be correct about prescription medicines being ineffective.  But surely these medications have been subject to double blind placebo controlled trials for effectiveness before being released to the public?  Does this mean that these trials are not a good indicator of how drugs will perform out of the laboratory?   How much are people paying out for these ineffective treatments?

And how on earth do doctors decide what is an effective treatment with conflicting trial data?



  1. Thanks for starting this blog-we need the positive voices for homeopathy to be heard.

    My last sinus infection was successfully treated by homeopathy; my many earlier experiences of using anti-biotics for sinusitis had not worked as well, and now I know why.

    In fact, I use to get a sinusitis with each cold, and now, when I get a cold, it just stays as that. This after many years of good homeopathic care.

    I also use to be susceptible to getting bronchitis- that has cleared up as well. Well, I could go on and on…but suffice to say that I am a happy consumer of homeopathic care for the last almost 30 years.


    Comment by GaleG — 6 December 2007 @ 3:05 am

  2. Thank you for your support GaleG.

    So health improves generally with homeopathic treatment, not just the one condition.

    Often people come for homeopathy when then have tried everything conventional medicine has to offer and still have symptoms. Then things start to change with homeopathic treatment and sometimes quite dramatically.

    Keep on keeping well with homeopathy.

    Comment by homeopathy4health — 6 December 2007 @ 8:44 am

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