19 February 2008

Homeopathic ‘placebo’: much more effective than conventional medicine’s placebo

Laughing my socks off’s comment on blog entry ‘Socking hypocrisy in anti-cam campaign’ :

GSK’s Allen Roses says 90% of pharmaceutical drugs are only effective in 30-50% of cases. BMJ Clinical Evidence says only somewhere between 26-34% of 2,500 commonly used treatments have some proven benefit. The Bristol study [Bristol Homeopathic Hospital] concluded 70%+ of patients reported some improvement with homeopathic treatment. The Berlin study came up with similar percentages and concluded that patients using homeopathy had better outcomes than patients using conventional medicine. Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital’s ongoing audits of patient response return similar percentages.

It’s worth emphasising that while controls might be absent in these studies, the patient cohorts tend to have a high percentage (80%+) of chronic complaints of which an equally high percentage (80%+) have failed to respond to conventional treatment. If they failed to respond to conventional treatment, in which the placebo effect is likely to be considerably stronger than in homeopathy, then it’s reasonable to suggest that these are patients who are not particularly susceptible to placebo response. If they failed to respond to conventional treatment, then it’s reasonable to suggest that for these patients, homeopathy proved to be the more effective option.”


  1. […] about the state of Sceptic-Woo wars in complementary medicine.  I disagree that homeopathy is ‘just placebo’ as the benefits of homeopathic treatment can be much more profound than just ‘feeling […]

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  2. […] would like us to believe that it is ‘just placebo’ but has anyone ever tried to treat full blown flu with placebo? References please. Possibly related […]

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  3. Homoeopathy does not belong to the field of chemistry, there is not most of the time any molecules, but to physics (waves) where avogadro does not exosts. The results: a flow of Beta particles (electrons who are eternal).
    By the ways dilutions are very often made in alcool, glycerol, …

    Comment by Rolland Conte — 28 September 2008 @ 2:57 pm

  4. Thank you for this Rolland, do you have any good links you can recommend?

    Comment by homeopathy4health — 28 September 2008 @ 3:38 pm

  5. You guys know that beta particles are deadly, right? They cause cancer. They don’t cure it.

    Okay, just checking.

    Comment by Andrew — 28 September 2008 @ 4:18 pm

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