20 February 2009

Remedy snippet of the day – Diamond (Adamas) by Peter Tumminello

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From Twelve Jewels. With thanks.

“What can compare to the negative state of Diamond? The diamond is the ego destroyer, dismantling all that stands between self and Self. He has a distinct negative state expressed in being hard on himself, locking into negative thoughts, experiencing an endless stream of physical or emotional obstacles, feeling undeserving of love or being unable to control his emotions.  He is dark, angry and down.

Many are experiencing the Diamond state now, in the their day-to-day lives. It is a raw and often brutal human experience, fraught with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, awful heart-break, total disasters, severe self-abuse and extreme violence; the sorts of experience about which people say ‘I will never get over that’ or ‘I will never recover from that’. They include the death of a child, the loss of the most precious possession, which can be a deeply loved ideal, a person or a thing; severe and cruel abuse; being the subject of shocking violence. They invoke a a dark night of the soul experience.”

Contribution of homeopathy to the control of an outbreak of dengue in Macaé, Rio de Janeiro

From the International Journal of High Dilution of Research 

“Homeopathy has contributed throughout history [see herehere and here ] to the control and eradication of epidemic diseases. Facing the challenge of controlling an outbreak of dengue, the Secretary of Health of the county of Macaé, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in early 2007 carried out a “Homeopathy Campaign against Dengue”. 156,000 doses of homeopathic remedy were freely distributed in April and May 2007 to asymptomatic patients and 129 doses to symptomatic patients treated in outpatient clinics, according to the notion of “epidemic genus”. The remedy used was a homeopathic complex against dengue containing Phosphorus 30cH, Crotalus horridus 30cH and Eupatorium perfoliatum 30cH. The incidence of the disease in the first three months of 2008 fell 93% by comparison to the corresponding period in 2007, whereas in the rest of the State of Rio de Janeiro there was an increase of 128%. While confounding factors were not controlled for, these results suggest that homeopathy may be an effective adjunct in Dengue outbreak prevention.”

11 February 2009

CAM can provide significant health improvements to NHS patients

Hospital Healthcare Europe reports:

A year-long pilot scheme in Northern Ireland has found that complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) can offer significant health improvements to NHS patients.

Independent analysis of the findings showed:

  • Patients receiving acupuncture treatment reported an average 33% improvement in their health and wellbeing
  • Patients receiving chiropractic and osteopathy treatment reported an average 38% improvement in their health and wellbeing
  • Patients receiving homeopathic treatment reported an average 54% improvement in their health and wellbeing

Founder of Get Well UK, Boo Armstrong, says of the results: “The results from this project speak for themselves – complementary therapies improve health and save money. These findings are consistent with other service evaluation from across the UK. A personalised health service will need protocols to include complementary therapies.”  Full report

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