10 February 2010

Dr Evan Harris bias and behaviour may lose Liberal Democrat votes

Liberal Democrat spokesperson for science Dr Evan Harris’s bias at the UK Government’s Science and Technology Committee Evidence Check on Homeopathy was further confirmed by his unethical behaviour towards Dr Peter Fisher of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital at the Merseyside Skeptics Society ‘1023’ ‘homeopathy overdose’ stunt recently.  He may cause the Liberal Democrat party to lose votes from homeopaths, homeopathy users (about 10% of the population have taken homeopathic remedies in the last year) and other practitioners of CAM and their supporters. I have consistently voted Lib Dem until now but am reviewing this policy as a direct result and I am not alone.

Here is a video of Evan Harris’s appearance at the 1023 event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYuLjl9bgIw

And at the Science and Technology Committee Evidence Check for Homeopathy meetings:

Wednesday 25th November 2009


Monday 30th November 2009


Dr Harris may be in breach of Articles 46 and 47 of the GMC’s Guidelines for Good Medical Practice:

Article 46. You must treat your colleagues fairly and with respect. You must not bully or harass them, or unfairly discriminate against them by allowing your personal views to affect adversely your professional relationship with them. You should challenge colleagues if their behaviour does not comply with this guidance.

Article 47. You must not make malicious and unfounded criticisms of colleagues that may undermine patients’ trust in the care or treatment they receive, or in the judgement of those treating them.

More at: http://vonsyhomeopathy.wordpress.com/2010/02/10/1023-dr-evan-harris-and-the-evidence-check/



  1. Dr Evan Harris lost his seat in his Oxford and Abingdon constituency today.


    Comment by homeopathy4health — 7 May 2010 @ 6:57 pm

  2. The British people, easily within common memory, fought a great war against Fascism, a war of enormous heroism and sacrifice. Is it any surprise that the British voters turned against what is in my opinion the medical variation on the Fascist theme – control and enforcement of medical decisions based on alleged “Evidence Based Medicine”, by a group of self appointed “experts” most of whom have no credentials whatever in alternative medicine, ever ready to overrule the freedom of choice of citizens in medical matters based on statistical projections, lab tests of questionable interpretation and an army of worshippers of “scientism” ready to take power and control our lives? Bullying, ridiculing, insulting and impugning hard working MD’s and nurses, health professionals of many different types and the common public is NOT the way to win either votes or respect in this day and age and it is bloody well about time that anti-Alternative medicine crowd figure that out.

    Comment by James Pannozzi — 7 May 2010 @ 10:02 pm

  3. The Government response to the ‘Evidence Check’

    Homeopathy has a long tradition in Europe and is a recognised and widely used system of medicine across the EU,’ it said.

    ‘The Government takes the view that consumers who choose to use homeopathic medicines should be fully informed about their purpose and assured that standards of quality and safety are maintained. If homeopathic medicines were not subject to any kind of regulatory control consumers would not have access to such information or assurances.’


    Comment by homeopathy4health — 9 August 2010 @ 7:18 pm

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