27 February 2010

Who are the MPs who recommend the end of homeopathy in the NHS?

Voice of (Not So) Young Homeopathy:

“Stop funding NHS Homeopathy, MPs urge”. But who are these MPs?

The Science and Technology Committe report was ‘ratified by THREE MPs: TWO of whom were NOT EVEN PRESENT AT THE COMMITTEE MEETINGS  – and ONE of the two was NOT EVEN A MEMBER OF THE COMMITTEE when the hearings were held, and is due to stand down at the election in May this year.’

‘Evan Harris, associate of Sense About Science and it’s fair to say rabid anti-homeopathy campaigner, 1023 participant and ’senior counsel for the prosecution’.

Ian Cawsey – IT expert, who joined the S and T committee in October 2009, just a month before the meetings and yet chose not to attend the committee’s investigation – in fact was nowhere to be seen until the ratification meeting.

Doug Naysmith – an immunologist – did not join the S and T committee until January 2010 – so was not even on the committee until after all the hearings – yet was present for the ratification of the report.  And he is standing down at the next election.  Surely not?’



  1. I agree with the comment that the Lib Dems are going to be hit hard. I’ve voted Lib Dem for as long as I can remember – but no more, if Evan Harris is up there spouting his rubbish. And I no longer buy the Guardian since reading Ben Goldacre’s vitriole. By the way, it makes ironic reading looking at Harris’ own site as an MP where he apparently stands for egalitarianism and non-discrimination ….!!!!!

    Comment by Kate George — 1 March 2010 @ 12:44 am

  2. I think that is a common view taken Kate. Lots of people I have spoken to who have voted LD for years are now getting fed up that they still have an extremist like Harris high within their ranks. It is time we stopped voting for a party that endorses this behaviour. And likewise with the newspapers also…. maybe that is why the Guardian is going out of business…

    Comment by Alex Heffron — 2 March 2010 @ 12:43 pm

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