Homeopathy Myths

Homeopathy Myths: it’s implausible:
“A key feature of any difference between water before and after its use in preparing homeopathic dilutions is likely to be the vigorous shaking (succussion) that must be carried out between successive dilutions, and which may produce significantly increased concentrations of silicate, sodium and bicarbonate ions [335, 1207] by dissolution of the glass tubes and increases in nanobubbles and redox molecules [1066] from the atmosphere, respectively.” [www.lsbu.ac.uk/water/homeop.html] [Water research scientist’s view of homeopathy]

Homeopathy Myths: it’s a drop in the ocean 
“Remedies were laboriously handmade but now many homeopathic pharmacies use Korsakoff machines where ONE vial is emptied (the small residue in the bottle being considered the ‘one drop’) and refilled and succussed to the required potency over hours or days.” [More]

Homeopathy Myths: it’s just water:
“Opponents of homeopathy often refer to the simplicity of the water molecule as a key argument why homeopathy cannot work. “It’s just water!” they say.  However this is not the case as has now been shown by several fields of science outside of homeopathy.” [More]

Homeopathy Myths: it’s just water: 2
“It’s hard to realise just how complex a substance water really is.” [More]

Homeopathy Myths: it’s just water: 3
Institute of Science in Society: ‘The New Age of Water, the most significant discovery of this century’ [More]

Homeopathy Myths: it’s just placebo:  
“If they failed to respond to conventional treatment, in which the placebo effect is likely to be considerably stronger than in homeopathy, then it’s reasonable to suggest that these are patients who are not particularly susceptible to placebo response. If they failed to respond to conventional treatment, then it’s reasonable to suggest that for these patients, homeopathy proved to be the more effective option.” [www.laughingmysocksoff.wordpress.com] [homeopathy4health]

Homeopathy Myths: there’s no evidence 1
“Structures of liquids are easily and frequently changed and homeopathic remedies exhibit biological activity.” [More]

Homeopathy Myths: there’s no evidence 2
“Results: Animals treated with the standard test solution thyroxine 10−30 metamorphosed more slowly than the control animals, ie the effect of the homeopathically prepared thyroxine was opposed to the usual physiological effect of molecular thyroxine. The cumulative number of test animals that had reached the four-legged stage at defined points in time was smaller in the group treated with homeopathically prepared thyroxine at most of the points in time. This was found independently by all three research teams involved.” [More]

Homeopathy Myths: there’s no evidence 3
“absence of evidence, as the late astronomer Carl Sagan said, is not evidence of absence. And if we lack an understanding of or explanation for how something works (as was the case for decades for how an airplane could stay airborne), that doesn’t give us the ammunition to state that it doesn’t work. In philosophy, that kind of reasoning is called argument by ignorance.” [Avery Comarow]

Homeopathy Myth: Diluting makes it stronger
 “Stronger” is the wrong word to use with homeopathic remedies. A homeopathic remedy should not be considered stronger than a toxic dose of a substance. I would rather say something like “more profound” or “acts more deeply.” It’s like comparing a bulldozer and a song. Which is stronger? A bulldozer can knock your house down, but a song can have a profound effect on people, maybe even change the world in the extreme. [vitalpatterns.net]

More on Homeopathy myths at www.homeopathyworkedforme.org and Zeus information service

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