28 December 2007

Sleep medication to treat a sleep-like state – treating like with like

The word ‘homeopathy’ is derived of two words: homeo denoting ‘similar’ and ‘pathy’ denoting ‘suffering’. Its principle is that of giving a substance which causes you to suffer from similar symptoms to your ailment, which you react against and cancel out your own symptoms.  It is reported this week that sleep medication has been found to rouse patients in a coma: it may be a simple case of homeopathic action.

Sleep medication offers hope to families of comatose patients « Health Sense


28 November 2007

What is good about conventional medicine?

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Ok, I got the rant off my chest.  People take conventional medicine and it has benefits for them and I should be thankful that the facilities exist should I ever need them, but I will try and avoid it if I possibly can.

People live longer than they would naturally with conventional medical treatment for:

accidents and injuries. 

heart conditions.

premature delivery (although I do question ‘at what cost?’ for the families of very premature babies)

birth complications.



I can’t categorically state cancer here because I am personally concerned that the effect of chemotherapy can cause a person’s health to deteriorate more rapidly in some cases.  And it is reported here that it is avoided by doctors suffering from cancer.

 But is it good for society, how much do these treatments cost, will the susceptibility for these conditions be passed on to future generations?

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